Vision and Mission

Achieve 2GW of installed solutions to generate electrical power by 2018.
One step ahead in the development of innovative and competitive solutions for the production and management of electrical power.
– Determination – Talent
– Commitment – Trust
– Passion – Ethics and Social Responsibility
 At Martifer Solar, we believe in serving our communities via corporate citizenship, promoting a sustainable attitude, integration and education.
Member of PV Cycle, a non-for-profit association that manages a fully operational collection and recycling scheme for end-of-life photovoltaic modules throughout Europe.
In cooperation with APCDI, an association located close to the Martifer Group´s Headquarters, we help the integration in the labor market of people with some disabilities.
Recently, at East Timor via a local school program led by Karingana Association, our Company helped with the electrification of its infrastructures, spreading the Pure Energy to the East Timor children.