Why Solar Energy?

What is photovoltaic solar energy?
What difference is there between thermal solar energy and photovoltaic solar energy?
What is a photovoltaic (PV) system?
What is a PV system composed of?
What is an inverter?
What is net metering?
What is the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and how does it work?
Does PV technology need bright sunshine to work properly?
How much electricity can a PV system produce?
What does grid parity mean?
Do PV modules lose efficiency each year?
What is the carbon footprint of a PV system?
Can renewable energy sources guarantee a secure power supply despite their dependence on the weather?
What is the lifetime of a PV system?
What if there is a problem with the PV system?
Is solar energy more expensive than conventional energy?
What contribution can solar electricity play world-wide with regard to total energy consumption?
Can the solar industry also grow without government subsidies?
What are Green Certificates?
How long will the development of PV depend on FiTs?
Where can I learn more about photovoltaic solar energy?