Our focus is to provide competitive and efficient solutions for solar projects, creating the best investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
Investors, utilities or specialized funds count on our expertise to deploy, structure and manage complex solar projects anywhere in the world from start to finish.
We know how to design and build reliable solar power installations for the most affordable investment with the least risk. During the feasibility stage, our team will provide projects tailor-made to your needs, assuring that the project is buildable and financeable.
MARTIFER SOLAR connects the solar industry with capital markets, ensuring to customers the certainty of investing in an ethical financial product with the best return on investment.
  • Land Prospection
  • Lease Contracts
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Submission to Regulator
  • Connection to Grid
  • Establishment License
  • Local Legal Entities
  • Exploitation License
  • Ready to Build
  • Control Works in Progress
  • Bureaucracy for Grid Connection
  • Grid Connection
  • Provisional Acceptance
  • Certificate (PAC)
  • Between the PAC and the FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate) there is a period of 2 years where a Warranty Bond exists
  • During these 2 years, Martifer Solar is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the PV plant
  • The O&M contract can continue throughout the PV plant life with preventive and corrective maintenance, via our dedicated O&M; Service division