Understanding Lucky 15 Bet in Sportsbook

Football betting is hard when you just think you bet on team or score because in gambling site, you may find more of them such as Lucky 15 bets. Football is the complicated world. As the bettor or punter, you need to understand all of them. Betting on football is not only about choosing the winning team. If the game can work so easy like that, many people have wealth right now. When you join gambling site, you will find more betting options you need to play and do including Lucky 15 bet. This is not just the ordinary bet because you need to put lot of money here and also make many selections to get the best return.

What is Lucky 15 Bet?

Whether you are beginner or professional, you may have heard about Lucky 15 in football betting. Though you have never played football betting in gambling before, you have heard this term. However, you have no idea about it and how to play it. Universally, you know about the Lucky 7 but in judi bola, you may hear about Lucky 15. By hearing the name, many people think that they should make 15 different selections. Well, half of your guess is right but half of them are still wrong.

In this game, you need to make about 15 selections but you can make it in single bet. Though you have to make about 15 bets differently, apart from the name, there are only 4 selections on the game. Literally, it is the multiple bet. From 4 different selections, the bet may automatically arrange 15 bets from those. For example, you want to play on Champions league and you fancy Feyenoord, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and also Bayern Munchen to win all games. Those are your 4 selections in single bet.

You have picked those four teams as your Lucky 15 bet. You just need to make the combinations of double and treble along with the fourfold accumulator that may be built from all selections. Now, how this bet works on football betting? You just need to make all different 4 selections by adding them into the betting slip and you may select the option of Lucky 15. What you need to do in this game is making 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold accumulator and all of them are 15 in total.

How Lucky 15 Bet Works?

Those are the possible combinations of this bet you need to make from different selections and in this case, you just need 4 selections with singles inside. The most important thing is the wager includes the single bets. If they are not, then you need to bet using Yankee bet instead of 4 selections with multiples bet with no single bets at all. Lucky 15 can be said as the full cover type but you just need one game of the singles you chose to win the game so you may get the return you want from it.

You have to remember that since you place around 15 bets, it means you need to make 15 times initial bet. When you use $1 to bet, then you need to place $15. In other words, $1 for every bet you place on the game. When you choose Lucky 15, you need to take the consideration especially for your returns. The more selections can land in the bet, the more opportunity to increase the covering stage. 2 winnings of 4 make give you 2 wins in singles and also 1 win in double along with return.

You just need to check the risk you might get when you choose this bet against what you can get back if only the lowest price of the four different selections are to win. Will you be happy with the result? The worst thing is you will not have any leg to win but if you select the favorites, the odds can stack up really. Though there are only 4 selections on the game, it is not easy for you to win. When you can manage to hit the Lucky 15, then the bookmakers may offer you the little extra generally.

In fact, there are so many bookmakers will give you about 10% of win bonus on the tops of successful Lucky 15 bet by enhancing the “Lucky” term. You just need to make around 15 bets in this gambling no matter how much your initial bet is. If you are scared to lose them all, then you can choose another easy betting option for football.