Luis Silva
Business Developer
Martifer Solar has positioned its operations in Cape Verde, South Africa and Mozambique as part of its strategy to expand activities into the African territory. Only one out of four Africans has access to modern energy sources such as electricity. We truly believe that we can provide Africa the technical and financing knowledge to improve its efficiency in developing programs within the areas of clean energy and energy efficiency.
Martifer Solar positions itself in different aspects of the African operations—at the national level, designing and building utility-scale solar power plants that contribute to increasing the power supply of insufficient centralized power generation, and at a local or regional level, offering off-grid solutions that can give access to electrical power to remote locations where there is no suitable transport infrastructure.
The ability to adapt to difficult environments and a group of very specialized and experienced professionals give the Company the perfect structure to work in the African continent. The good results of this combination can be attested by the construction of two utility-scale power plants in Cape Verde, one in Sal and other in Santiago Island, the biggest plants of its kind in West Africa at the time of interconnection.
We expect to pioneer innovative solutions in new African territories very soon.