Country Manager
Martifer Solar UK relies on the synergy and complements between the various subsidiaries of the Martifer Solar global company, as well as on its internationalization, in order to be able to offer the best service and solutions in photovoltaic solar facilities.
Incorporated in January 2011, with a highly qualified and motivated team, Martifer Solar UK develops its activity and work to increase brand awareness in the market while adapting to an evolving industry. Our focus is towards the development of solar PV projects as well as its subsequent activities of EPC and O&M.
Flexibility and readiness are the driving factors behind the Company’s ability to deliver and meet Clients’ needs and timescales. This quality has proved to be a necessity in the UK market and makes the Company a trusted and reliable partner among its Clients.
As a customer oriented company, Martifer Solar becomes a first-class partner in terms of safety and trust, transforming solar energy into real and profitable businesses. We go along with you during the whole process, step by step.
Our country projects
in synthesis
Successful development of 108,9 MWp split in 8 projects
Healthy 13 portfolio current under development of 100 MWp
110 MWp of EPC delivered in 1 year, with 79 MWp built in 9 weeks
Local highly qualified O&M team, in the vicinity of our projects