Country Manager
Martifer Solar UA LLC is specialized in offering 360º PV turnkey solutions for EPC projects including operation and maintenance (O&M), and covering all the PV segments: ground, rooftop, BIPV, small generation and off-grid installations.
The company aims to position itself as a reference in terms of quality, reliability and service in the Ukrainian PV market. Leveraging on our professionals knowhow and supported on the group’s international expertise and vast experience, Martifer Solar UA is able to answer its Clients requests anywhere in the country.
Martifer Solar UA LLC was established in August 2012 and immediately started the construction of a 4,5 MW PV plant. This project, the first one being financed by EBRD in the PV sector worldwide, was built in less than 3 months under extreme weather conditions, challenging the whole Martifer Solar organization.
Based on a strong and professional team, supported by professional local business partners, Martifer Solar UA LLC was able to connect the first PV plant on time. Simultaneously the company signed and constructed, also in record time, a second and smaller plant of 1,4 MW.
The Company established its Operation and Maintenance (O&M) division to support its Clients on the Ukrainian market with the global expertise and remote monitoring technology. Martifer Solar UA LLC is able to ensure a PV plant smooth and reliable operation, ensuring the investors return on investment.
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