Luis Silva
Business Developer
Martifer Solar MZ, S.A., is a Mozambican company created in July 2011. The company specializes in the supply of solar photovoltaic solutions tailored to each Client's needs, adding value to our customers so that they rely on each Client’s investment with total security. The investment in the Mozambican market is related to several factors, with emphasis on the low level of electrification of the country and increase on the standard of living that electricity provides to its beneficiaries.
Martifer Solar believes that the standalone photovoltaic power systems are an important market. For many developing countries, where a large portion of the rural population does not have access to the most basic energy services, PV is widely regarded today as the best - and least expensive - solution to providing electricity.
1.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity in their homes, representing more than one-quarter of the world’s population. Based on the minimum energy requirements to provide basic energy services to each person in the developing world, the corresponding potential for PV is estimated to be 16 GW (approximately 15 W per capita).
Likewise, these systems are also highly useful in developing countries where, especially in remote areas, they can be applied to supply clean energy to second-rate residencies and agricultural installations; as well as in many other uses such as water pumping, public transportation monitoring, rural tourism, etc.
In the development of off-grid systems, we will work with our Client with one single objective: grant them access to a clean and affordable source of energy while providing our total commitment and support in all the stages of the project.
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