Country Manager
Martifer Solar Italy is based in Milan and has been in operation since 2008. The company provides a wealth of expertise in its ability to manage all project phases, from the development of bureaucratic authorizations to all competent authorities, as well as issues related to project finance. Martifer Solar Italy works everyday towards Grid Parity — projects competitive by the merit of selling electricity below grid prices, without any bonus or feed-in-tariff incentives — and expect some breakthrough developments throughout 2014 and beyond.
On that path, the team is able to overcome great design challenges, in terms of size, affordability and time, in all kinds of photovoltaic technologies (fixed structures, one axis and two axis tracking systems), serving the most demanding national and international investors—most with either a financial or an industrial profile.
The plants built by Martifer Solar in Italy are fully operational, supervised by a team dedicated to monitoring and maintenance activities, allowing the company to stand out in the market not only a leading EPC contractor, but also as a best-in-class O&M Service player. The company supervises and maintains approximately 174 MW of plants in their O&M Service profile to date, which consists of both Martifer Solar plants and those built by third parties.
Martifer Solar Italy is committed to maintain or refurbish third party plants providing technical improvements in order to meet or exceed the performance levels expected by the Owner.
Thanks to its solid know-how and skilled dedicated team developed over six years of activity in the country, Martifer Solar Italy offers knowledge and cooperation to help with successes other subsidiaries of the Group, such as Martifer Solar RO in Romania (~6.5 MW) and Martifer Solar UK Ltd (16 MW).
Since its inception, the company has implemented more than 56 MW of turnkey photovoltaic systems both in ground-mounted and rooftop installations throughout the country. Martifer Solar Italy has grown to become one of the most reliable and strongest EPC contractors in the country.
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